Travel The Pearl Of India: Discover Hyderabad

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Representative nicknames like the City of Pearls and Cyberabad demonstrate the truly remarkable parallel cultures that have made Hyderabad both a city of culture and a center for information technology. Hyderabad’s landscape is also graced with numerous lakes and fantastically designed industrial parks. Airfare to Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh, is convenient, particularly for travelers wishing to explore the surrounding areas.

Hyderabad is centrally located in the southern region of the Indian subcontinent. At one time an independent entity, the city had been incorporated into greater India after a lengthy British rule. The optimal time to travel to Hyderabad is in the winter months until March, thus avoiding scorching summer temperatures and the formidable monsoon season.

History and Worship in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a majestic city when it comes to historic sites and temples. Stately government buildings make tribute to traditional architecture, delicately accented with golden hues and marble masterpieces. The Qutubshahi Tombs triumph over the city with an imposing white dome and house the legacy of the Qutb Shahi Dynasty, Shia Muslims of Turkish origin. The most recognizable and significant monument in Hyderabad is the Charminar, built in 1591 to commemorate the eradication of plague from the city. The four soaring minarets are a prime example of Cazia architecture and can by enjoyed by climbing 149 spiraling steps inside to the rewarding panoramic view of the skyline above.

The temples and mosques of Hyderabad are some of the more spectacular sites in the city. Birla Mandir is a temple constructed entirely of marble and exudes a surreal white glow when it is illuminated at night. Mecca Masjid is an elaborately constructed 400 year old mosque that attracted throngs of worshippers and visitors alike. Non-Muslims can enjoy the building’s majesty from the outside; make sure to take note of the distinctly different architecture from the Hindu temples.

Hyderabad Here and Now

Hyderabad has attracted a tireless technology industry, supported by prestigious universities and research institutions. The aesthetic reward to the city has been the wonderland of post-modern angles and colors among the shiny new buildings and strategically manufactured corridors. Obviously-titled Hitech City and the Cyber Towers offer Disneyland-like adventure and sensory overload while Shilparamam presents a cultural exhibition amid an undeniably modern backdrop. Get your airfare to Hyderabad and also enjoy the city’s fascination with theme parks such as its own Treasure Island and even a Snow World where patrons can enjoy a real break from the tropics.

From the 1st century to the 20th, Hyderabad is truly a testament to Indian history and the struggles and rewards experienced by adapting technology and globalization. The two realities face of in a remarkable display of mutual preservation, restoration and progressive development. Book your airfare to Hyderabad with cFares and treat yourself to a cultural snapshot of the global world we live in.

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Travel To London And Don’t Miss A Thing

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Each visit to London is more rewarding than the next. This cultural city center is packed with history and art, parks and beauty. You can absorb a lot just by driving through the city streets in a taxi cab, but make sure that on your vacation you visit these ten places on foot before you leave.

1. The British Museum has millions of items and artifacts to peruse. What started as Sir Hans Sloan’s collection of 71,000 items in 1753 has blossomed into one of the biggest storehouses of ancient artifacts in the world. Best of all, admission to this venerable museum remains free of charge.

2. Saint Paul’s Cathedral is one of Great Britain’s most beautiful spiritual centers. Although it is a historic building (rebuilt in 1666 after the Great London Fire), it is still home to modern weddings and funerals. Living members of British royalty and national leaders have held ceremonies there.

3. The Tower of London is a fascinating step back into time. Here, you can be horrified by the dungeons and you can marvel at the Queen’s Jewels. Try not to imagine too much of the Tower’s deadly history though, or you might have nightmares.

4. The Natural History Museum is a great place to take children, because of its treasure trove of dinosaur bones. Kids and adults alike will love roaming the halls of this museum, checking out its many collections in its gothic hallways.

5. Westminster Abbey is one of London’s most famous and beautiful churches, but it is most famous for its dead residents. Take a walking tour of the abbey and hear about all the famous literati who are buried within its walls.

6. The Tate Modern is the best place to see modern art in London. The Tate houses paintings by such 20th century masters as Matisse, Warhol, Bacon, and many more.

7. The London Zoo houses over 12,000 animals within its gates. This is not one of the world’s most famous zoos for no reason. There are so many animals, that you cannot see them all in one day. Plan on taking a few trips to absorb all the fauna.

8. The British Airways London Eye is an observation wheel high above the city that allows visitors to London to get a bird’s eye view of the landscape below. The Eye is host to millions of visitors a year and is the best way for a tourist to get the lay of the land. Sightseeing will be much more fun once you have seen the whole city from above.

9. The National Gallery is a museum of both ancient and modern masters. You can spend hours roaming through the halls of this 19th century museum. Its location is also ideal – you can find the National Gallery in the center of Trafalgar Square.

10. The Madame Tussaud’s Experience is one that can’t be missed when you travel to London. This is as close as a tourist can get to living history. Historical people and events are recreated in wax and animatronics. Be prepared to be surprised and enthralled by their realistic qualities.

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Universal Studios Japan

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If it weren’t for Snoopy, and the Mos Burger and Ganko Sushi restaurants along the road from the JR Universal City Station, visitors to Universal Studios Japan might think they had stepped out train of the onto the back lot of Universal Studios in Florida or Hollywood.

Universal Studios Japan Attractions

The similarities between the parks are striking, with the same shark surging out of the water at Amity Pond, the same bicycle trip across the moon in the ET Adventure, the same Jurassic Park T-Rex chasing pathetic little rafts over a twenty-five foot waterfall, and of course, the same Amazing Adventures of Spiderman complete with a moving Statue of Liberty head.

The Water World stunt show is there to give visitors a taste of life on Earth post-global warming, and Shrek 4-D is there to let visitors enjoy having the sensation of Donkey expectorating in their faces and unseen creatures crawling all around them. Mist sprayers in the seats and moveable rubber tubing are the real culprits.

The theme park experience unique to Universal Studios Japan is its Snoopy Studio. The Japanese people are hooked on cute, and the Peanuts gang takes cute to the nth degree. Snoopy even has his own roller coaster adventure, “Snoopy’s Great Race.”

Visitors to Universal Studios Japan, especially during school vacations, are advised to arrive early and pay extra for an Express Pass Booklet, which will entitle them to go to the head of the line for either four or seven of the most popular rides or attractions–ET the Adventure; Terminator2 3-D; Jurassic Park the Ride; Hollywood Dream the Ride; Back to the Future the Ride; Jaws; and the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman. On peak days the waits for some of these rides can approach three hours, and the Express Passes sell out quickly.

Accommodations Close to Universal Studios Japan
The Sheraton Hotel Miyako Osaka is a deluxe hotel located in the heart of Osaka offering its guests the peacefulness of traditional Japanese hospitality, yet is only five kilometers from all the fun and excitement of Universal Studios Japan.

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Vacationing In China

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Are you considering a vacation to China? Rich in culture and deeply hospitable, the Chinese people welcome tourists and it’s rich history and colorful traditions are sure to keep travelers well entertained during their stay.

Visiting Shanghai

Shanghai is one of China’s largest cities and is rich with activities for the visiting foreigner. It would be similar to visiting New York City in the United States. Shanghai is home to The Garden of Contentment, a 500 acre garden full of beautiful Chinese horticulture at it’s finest. The garden is divided into six separate garden cells: The Grand Rockery, The Ten ThousandFlower Pavilion, The Lotus Pool, The Inner Garden, The Hall of Heralding Spring and The Hall of Jade Magnificence. Nanjing Lu Road is a shoppers paradise. It features art galleries, shops, and restaurants all overflowing with rich Chinese culture. Be sure to brush up your bargaining skills before heading out to Nanjing Lu. You can often get a bargain price by haggling with the shopkeeper for a price you can write home about. Highly recommended hotels in Shanghai are: Le Royal Miridian on Nanjing Dong Rd., with an average room price of $259,and the Crowne Plaza Hotel Fudan in the Yangpu District for about $94.

Visiting Beijing

Beijing is filled with Chinese history and great architecture. It features the Forbidden City, a 250 acre estate with more than 9,000 rooms. The palace complex was built in the early 15th century. With it’s historic castle and inspiring architecture it’s a wonder to behold.

Tiananmen Square is found in Beijing as well and hosts many colorful parades and massive rallies. It features historic monuments and great architecture. The Great Wall of China is a must see when traveling to China and the most popular place to begin your tour of the Wall is in Beijing. The Great Wall stretches for over 3700 miles and is an awesome site and provides for panoramic photograph opportunities. Near Beijing, cable cars lift passengers onto the Wall where you can begin an exploration hike along the ancient steps and view China from its heights. While booking lodging in Beijing, The Peninsula offers rooms at around $246 a night and The Holiday Inn Central Plaza Beijing charges around $103. Another popular option is the Shangri La Beijing on Zizhuyuan Road. A room will cost you about $200 a night.

Visiting Hong Kong

Hong Kong has its own Disneyland. While the park is smaller than other Disney parks, the staff’s friendliness more than makes up for the small real estate. This stop is a must for all Mouse fans and will make your trip memorable for the whole family.

Hotels in Hong Kong that come highly recommended by other tourists are: Langhan Place Hotel at $224 a night, The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong at $359, and the Harbour Plaza Hong Kong at around $209 a night.

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Venice City Guide

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Venice is made up of over 100 islands, all linked together by Venice’s unique canal network. As one of the most beautiful cities in the world Venice won’t disappoint its visitors. Explore Venice’s famous canals, old bridges, stunning palazzos and great art. What to do and see in and around Venice

St Mark’s Square

The crowded St Mark’s Square is probably Venice’s most famous square. Enjoy a coffee in one of the cafés while admiring the beautiful architecture surrounding you. Lots of Venice’s main attractions, such as the Campanile and the Clock Tower, can be found close by. Don’t miss the golden altar piece in the impressive St Mark’s Basilica.

Gallerie dell’Accademia

The Accademia Gallery has one of the finest art collections in Europe. The walls are lined with works by Venetian master painters including Bellini, Titian, Veronese and Tintoretto.

Palazzo Ducale & the Bridge of Sighs

The Palazzo Ducale was the home of the Doges from where they ran the Venetian state. You see all aspects of the life of the Doge from where he lived to where state matters were discussed and justice dispensed. Walk over the infamous Bridge of Sighs, whose name comes from the time when the bridge led from the court to the prison cells. The Prisoners saw the view of the beautiful lagoon and sighed.

Ca’ d’Oro

Ca’ D’Oro (House of Gold) located on the Grand Canal is a beautiful palazzo and a great example of gothic architecture. The Palazzo shows a fine collection of sculptures, tapestries and paintings.

Santa Maria della Salute

Guarding the entrance to the Grand Canal is Santa Maria della Salute a Venetian landmark and a magnificent Baroque Church. The sacristy boasts paintings by Titian and Tintoretto’s Marriage at Cana.

San Giorgio Maggiore

The San Giorgio Maggiore church is a well known Venetian landmark designed by Palladio the famous renaissance architecture. Inside, you will find several of Tintoretto’s paintings including “The Last Supper”.


It’s impossible to think of Venice without thinking of canals and Gondolas. Cars are not allowed in the city and all transportation is on water. Travel like a true Venetian, hop on the Vaporati (water bus) and travel along the Grand Canal. It will take you under the Rialto Bridge and is a perfect way to admire the beautiful palaces lining the Canal.

Rialto Markets

The lively Rialto Markets are open evey morning. Fruit, vegetables, souvenirs and clothing are on offer. The Fish market has been held here for 1000 years – don’t miss the live lobsters and crabs.

Scuola Grande di San Rocco

The Scuola Grande di San Rocco is one of Venice’s finest art museums with an impressive collection of more than 50 of Tintoretto’s works.

Peggy Guggenheim Collection

The Venier dei Leoni Palace was the home of American collector Peggy Guggenheim for 30 years. Now it is a museum with a most impressive collection of modern art. Artists represented include Magritte, Picasso, Pollock and Kandinsky.

The Lido

20 minutes by waterbus from Venice

The Lido is a long strip of sand sheltering Venice lagoon from the Sea. The island’s sandy beaches make it a popular day trip destination for families and sun worshippers.


80 minutes by train from Venice

The charming city of Verona has plenty to offer its visitors including roman monuments, impressive architecture and delightful restaurants. Make sure you don’t miss the Roman Arena where an open-air opera festival takes place every year.

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Visiting Dublin

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Tired of the affected airs of hotel staff? Fed up with staying at huge and impersonal hotels? Then, try staying at a bed and breakfast in Dublin. At a bed and breakfast in Dublin – the largest city, as well as the capital of Ireland – you can bask in the welcoming atmosphere of a home away from home.

If there is one thing the city has an abundance of, aside from the famed Irish charm, it’s bed and breakfasts in Dublin. With over twenty tourist-board-approved bed and breakfasts, there is always a place for you to stay in. There are twin-sharing accommodations for those who love company. There are also single-occupant accommodations for those who prefer the solitary way.

Bed and Breakfasts in Dublin
Some of the B&B accommodations in Dublin are:

1. Benavista Bed and Breakfast
Located in idyllic Kiliney, this bed and breakfast in Dublin is only twenty minutes away from the city center. It sits near two golf courses and numerous shopping establishments and watersports facilities. Benavista provides private parking space for staying guests.

2. Blackstone House
This is one of those restored Victorian houses that have been converted to a bed and breakfast in Dublin. Most of the original features of the place have been preserved, and look exactly the way they did centuries before. Blackstone House sits in Upper Rathmines Road. You can easily do your shopping or dining in restaurants in the village itself.

3. Flyover B&B
Guests can be assured of warm and friendly hospitality where they can relax in a cozy and inviting environment. Flyover B&B provides television sets in all room types. Easily accessible and with lots of parking space available, the Flyover B&B is one bed and breakfast in Dublin where guests will have no problems coming home to after a tour of Dublin’s sights.

Cultural Immersion in Dublin
Staying in a bed and breakfast in Dublin allows you ample opportunity to enjoy the sites of the city. Chief among them are:

The National Museum of Ireland (Museum of Decorative Arts and History)
This museum is home to pieces of jewelry, weaponry, glassware, and ceramics. Through these artifacts, you can trace Dublin’s history, as well as the political and social spurs to the city’s development over the centuries. The museum is known for well-documented pieces of porcelain in its collection.

The National Museum of Ireland (Museum of National History)
Opened in 1857, the museum displays at least 10,000 specimens of wildlife. The specimens on display are representative of both existing and already extinct species of animals not only from Ireland but from the world over. The museum is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, from ten in the morning to five in the afternoon. On Sundays, it is open from two to five in the afternoon. It closes during major Christian holidays.

Writers’ Museum in Dublin
Dublin is a city famous for being the birthplace of many literary giants. It pays homage to its literary offspring through this museum. Here, you will find the personal items, books, letters, and other articles of daily life from writers like Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett.

The great writer James Joyce once said that when he dies, Dublin will be written in his heart. He does not exaggerate. It is easy to fall in love with a city like Dublin. What better way to experience the throes of a passionate first love than through a very affordable bed and breakfast in Dublin?

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Visiting Germany

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Choosing to visit Germany can be an educational and historically enriching experience for the whole family. Four must see cities in Germany are Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and Hamburg.

Stopping in Berlin

A famous Berlin landmark is the Berlin Wall. This stop will provide for an education about Germany’s history and how the dismantling of the Wall has affected the German people. Other exhibits in Berlin are the Jewish Museum, the Perganon ancient history museum, The Brandenburg Gate monument, the Atlas archaeological museum, The Story of Museum history exhibit and the Klusor Wilhelm Memorial Church ruins from bombings during World War II. The New Synagogue of Berlin features an exhibit of the Berlin Jewish culture. Wintergarten Variete showcases a world famous cabaret show. The Berlin Cathedral is a beautiful Protestant church and will delight architecture lovers visiting Berlin. The art lover will not want to miss the National Gallery featuring eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth century art, and the Tacheles hosting works by trendy German artists. The Ritz Carlton Berlin offers rooms at an average of $348 a night, the Swissotel Berlin for $168 per room, the Movenpick Hotel Berlin at an average of $177 , and the Hotel Pension Bregony provides rooms for about $87. All these hotel are highly recommended by other tourists.

While in Frankfurt

Visitors to Frankfurt will want to experience the Frankfurt Zoo, St. Leonard Church, the Senckenberg Natural History Museum, the German Architecture Museum, and the Frankfurt Historical Museum. Other popular attractions are the Goethe House, home and museum of the legendary writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and Leibieghaus, a unique castle-like art museum located in Frankfurt. Recommended Lodging in Frankfurt is provided by: the Hilton Frankfurt at about $486 a night, the Hotel Excelsior for an average of $251, the Hotel Friedberger Warte for an average of $159 a room, and the Best Western Alexander Am Zoo for about $152 a night per room.

Memorable Munich

Munich attractions that are popular with tourists are Staatlickes Hofbrauhaus a sixteenth century famous beer hall and the English Garden, a classic scenic park featuring classic English horticulture as well as Greek, Chinese and Japanese exhibits. Don’t miss Viktualienmarkt an outdoor marketplace featuring German crafts. The Old Pinakothek art gallery is a popular stop. Religious enthusiasts will enjoy the Church of Our Lady, a fifteenth century cathedral with domed towers as well as St. Peter’s Church which offers amazing scenic photo opportunities. Munich is also home to the BMW factory museum, a great stop for the automobile enthusiast. Hotels that are recommended in Munich are: the Hotel Torbrau at an average of $280 a night, Le Meridian Munchen at $251, Hotel Uhland at about $148, the Hilton Munich City at about $338, and the Royal Hotel at an average price of $105 per night.

Touring Hamburg

Hamburg also offers popular tourists stops in the form of art galleries, historical exhibits and museums. Hamburg lodging that is recommended by other tourists are: The Park Hyatt Hamburg, Madison Hotel Hamburg and the 25 hours hotel.

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Visiting The US Capital

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Washington, D.C. is one of the most interesting cities one could visit. The capital city of the United States of America was named after George Washington, military leader of the American Revolution and the first US President. District of Columbia, which is the name of the federal district containing Washington, is governed by a single municipal government and for practical purposes it is administrated by a mayor. But although Washington, D.C. does not have a representative in the U.S. House of Representatives or Senate, the U.S. Congress maintains the supreme authority.

This small city is considered of extreme importance as all three branches of the U.S. federal government as well as many independent agencies headquarters are located in its area, like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. In addition, Washington, D.C. is the place one should visit in order to admire numerous national landmarks, visit museums-most of them have free entrance to the public-and get excited watching famous sports teams. In fact, Washington, D.C. has been a very popular destination among tourists, which is supported by the fact that every year million of visitors decide to tour the sights and sounds of the US capital. Its endless calendar of special events, like the Cherry Blossom celebration or the National Mall festivities, among a variety of free attractions, transform Washington, D.C. to a year-round inspiring experience for all its habitats and foreign visitors.

But beyond the city’s well-known sights, Washington, D.C. is actually a lively urban center. Packed bars, cafes, bistros, and beautiful restaurants, offer to the visitor a variety of choices and invite all to spend some time with good company. Since some of the U.S. most prestigious and famous universities are located in the city, its beat is further enhanced by thousands of undergrad and graduate students who pursue the degree of their choice while enjoying the city’s possibilities.

If you are wondering whether or not the city is worthwhile I would have to strongly support that it is. Being a “foreigner” who decided to come and has been living in the US capital for the last two years I always invite people to see the city and take advantage at the same time of having their personal free tour guide. Having done exactly that for a number of different friends and local visitors, I am convinced that Washington, D.C. has something new to offer to its visitors whether they are planning to stay just for a few days or for who knows how long.

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Volunteering In Nepal: An Unforgettable Experience

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Nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, the mountain kingdom of Nepal with its beauty can hold anyone spellbound but if you look deeper, you will instantly see that the country needs some of the basic necessities like education, health and financial aid. Volunteering in Nepal is popular among the youth mostly because people get attracted to the idea of visiting the “Mt. Everest Country” and learning about a new alien culture. Nepal, for a long time has, enchanted and fascinated tourists and trekkers, mountaineers and scholars with the sheer beauty, mysteriousness and the mystical chants that arise from the monasteries in the deeper realms of the Himalayas.

In the recent past, Nepal has seen an increase in environmentally destructive activities and hence needs more and more volunteers to come forward and help in reducing the negative impact that tourism has left in its wake in this Asian country. The higher regions closer to the Everest base camp and other base camps and glaciers have also been negatively affected by such rampant growth in tourism.

Volunteering in Nepal to spread awareness on the environmental issues is gathering momentum. Overseas volunteer work is being seen by many people, as an opportunity to satisfy their need to participate for a good cause while gaining an invaluable experience.

One such organization is KEEP or The Katmandu Environmental Education Project. From time to time, KEEP looks out for volunteering in Nepal and is considered as one of the leading non profit organizations in South East Asia. There are many similar organizations who are not only focused on the impending issue of creating a safe and healthy environment but also help in providing medical aid, creating infrastructure, imparting education in village schools, enabling communication through the Internet and other modes of communication between far off villages, teaching the locals and tourists about damages caused to the environment and about global warming, and many more.

You can choose from a variety of volunteer programs that are aimed at different subject from protecting environment to eradicating poverty. Volunteering in Nepal is an interesting option because of the fact that you will get to travel to places, which are nestled deep in the heart of the mighty Himalayas, places which can be compared to paradise, places which are so remote that people there don’t have any educational facilities, water & electricity or better schools.

Volunteering in Nepal is a great experience and most non profit organizations requiring volunteers provide the following programs:

Restoration of old buildings, cleaning up local villages and high altitude camps and protecting the biodiversity. As a part of this overseas volunteer work, you will be working with the existing staff in construction of local schools and restoration of the environment.

Teaching English overseas — includes volunteering in Nepal and other backward countries in Asia and Africa. Far off villages and small towns in Nepal don’t have the proper facilities to support the educational infrastructure. As a volunteer, you will get to teach different subjects including English so that it can empower the locals. You will be teaching English so that the locals are able to make a living by talking to trekkers, mountaineers and acting as tour guides within the tourism industry. Another section of teaching as a part of volunteering in Nepal includes learning how to provide first aid, information on health care, management skills and information related to conservation of forests and wildlife.

Another non profit organization that offers plenty of opportunities for volunteering in Nepal is United Planet. They have around 20 to 25 opportunities that vary from working with orphans, street children and disabled to working with women and empowering them so that they are able to earn a decent living. They generally have programs that range from 12 weeks to 12 months.

If you love traveling and want to help the people of the plant then volunteering in Nepal is a good place to start.

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Weddings In Cape Town

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Congratulations! Can I see the ring? Have you set a date yet?

Where are you going to get married?

One of the first questions newly engaged couples get asked is about the location and venue of The Big Day. The bride will soon be deciding on her wedding gown and the groom will be thinking of the honeymoon – but the choice of venue is generally of equal importance to both parties.

More and more couples are choosing to travel abroad for their wedding. This not only solves the problems of who to leave off the invitation list (or at least, you can invite sour old Aunt Jane but she’ll never be able to get there, thankfully!) but also makes this adventure of a lifetime, well, more adventurous!

Cape Town, South Africa has become a popular wedding location for many couples. A winning combination of fabulous climate, natural geographical beauty and a wealth of stunning venues from which to choose, has put the Cape firmly on the map of Great International Wedding Locations.

As one bride said: “We wanted to celebrate the most beautiful day of my life in the most beautiful city in the world – that’s why we chose Cape Town!”

So what’s your fantasy wedding location?

Will you be a barefoot bride on a beach at sunset?

Do you picture majestic mountains and vineyards as your wedding photo backdrop?

Fancy an ‘Out-of-Africa theme with a safari wedding in the South African bush?

Or how about high tea, or a formal dinner, followed by dancing to a live jazz band on the lawns of a 5 star hotel in front of Table Mountain?

Whether you want rural and rustic under thatch or glamorous and elegant with world-class cuisine, Cape Town offers it all!

Why not consider something unusual, romantic and a little daring – a Cape Town wedding. You’ll be the envy of all your friends, and those who do fly out to celebrate with you will thank you for giving them the excuse to have the holiday of a lifetime!

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